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Important Facts About China’s Jewelry Market There has been a significant change in the export of jewelries when China changed its trade policy. When it comes to jewelry wholesale, the country is now considered as a final destination. There are a lot of fine jewelry craftsman in china and a lot of suppliers as well. Because china’s jewelry market has a very competitive prices, they are now booming into a large industry. It is very easy to negotiate with Chinese wholesalers. The shipping fee and the customs documentation is often carried by these wholesalers. When you do it online, it would be much easier. It is a very dynamic environment when we are talking about the jewelry market in China. There is a very fast phase in the wholesale trade. The worldwide market in jewelry is not being shared with the Asian countries. In the worldwide market, china is trying to get the best position. It is china that provides aggressive prices and fast manufacturing of jewelries. Chinese manufacturers have the ability to create any design of jewelries. It is in your local jewelry stores that you will notice that the prices of the jewelries are a bot high. Because it is a traditional business, they will have to deal with expenditures. It is the online wholesalers in china that doesn’t have to deal with these things. Because of these advantages, there will be lower prices on their products. Since the country has a long history behind it, the jewelry making also has the same. Five thousand years ago was the start of the jewelry making in the country. In spreading Buddhism, jewelry making is also considered as one key. Up to today, you can see that their is still the symbols of Buddhism in china’s jewelry.
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One of the most common type of jewelry worn by both men and women is the earrings. It is common for men to wear one earring while women wear a pair. Even on this day, Chinese likes wearing earrings. Silver, jade, and pearl are some of the common materials used.
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In the past, woman also wore gold bands on their forehead. They also love to wear bracelets and rings. One of the important type of Jewelries worn by the Chinese are the amulets. Their is a large value on these amulets because of its beauty. These amulets also serve as a shield against evil spirits. It is these amulets that bear different symbols. The dragon is considered as the most common symbol. For Chinese jewelries, anther common symbol is the phoenix. They even use other animals such as turtles and birds. These jewelries are placed with dry feathers in order to enhance its beauty. Instead of gold, Chinese prefer using silver as a main material on their jewelries. In order to make these jewelries shine more, precious stones are added.